Trough Frame Adjustable Height Wheeled


Trough Frame Adjustable Height Wheeled

Mobility loss can lead trips and falls.  It can also be the cause of confidence loss and lead to loneliness.  To provide support, stability and mobilise people with walking difficulties and reduces pressure on the hands when walking indoors our fully adjustable brightly coloured red Wheeled Trough Frame comes in three different height and is manufactured from lightweight aluminium.  It has two wheels to the front and non–slip ferrules to the rear.

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Trough Frame Adjustable Height Wheeled

Robust steel troughs lined with easy to clean, pressure-relieving padding

Rubber wheel units to the front legs

Handles are adjustable for both length and angle

Maximum weight 25st (160kgs)

Tip size 25mm


73-83cm – 3.1Kgs

83-93cm – 3.3kgs

98-108cm – 3.5kgs