Unbreakable Beer Glass


As dementia progresses holding heavy breakable glassware can become a problem, but that should not mean you have to transfer your favourite drink into a “plastic beaker. “

Find ‘s Unbreakable Glassware is made from a high-clarity, indestructible, dishwasher safe material called Triton.

The clarity of the glass ensures the user can see the contents and the unbreakable material is safe in the event of a mishap, so there won’t be any dangerous pieces of glass to clean up.

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·         Unbreakable

·         Microwave and dishwasher safe

·         High clarity glassware

·         Holds 25oz of liquid


·         Contributes to maintaining healthy levels of hydration

·         Eliminates all risks associated with breakage

·         Retains dignity and the pleasure of using ‘proper’ drinking vessels

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