Unbreakable Mug with Feeder Lid


As dementia progresses and co-ordination declines a person with dementia can struggle to lift and drink from regular cups.

After years of research Find has produced an unbreakable, dishwasher safe cup designed to hold an appropriate amount of fluid without it becoming too heavy.

Designed with dignity in mind, the cup is easy to hold due to its large handle and comes with a lid, with a hole to sip through to prevent spillage.

The Find Mug also reduces the transfer of heat making it safer to hold whilst maintaining the heat of hot liquids for longer.

Please note the Yellow Mugs will be OUT OF STOCK until early November –  If you would still like to place an order, continue with your order as normal and we will dispatch them as soon as stock arrives


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• Made from unbreakable Tritan,
• Find Dining Mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe
• Comes with its own lid making it the most dignified feeder cup on the market.


• Increased intake of fluid
• Less spillage
• Promotes independence
• The large handle makes the mug easy to hold
• Slow transmission of heat through the cup makes it much safer to hold hot drinks and retains the heat of the drink for longer

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