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Unbreakable Tumbler 300ml


Unbreakable Tumbler – fewer spillages

Find has designed the unbreakable Tumbler  to enable carers to leave the glass filled with fluid in plain view without fear of breakages.

A person with dementia may struggle to remember to drink throughout the day. Leaving drinks in clear view can act as a prompt to drink.

Find ‘s Unbreakable Glassware is made from a high-clarity, indestructible, dishwasher safe material and because the items are as attractive as glass but so much tougher, this will inspire confidence in the user who may be worried about breaking a traditional glass.

The Tumbler can also be used with Find’s Carafe.


Unbreakable Tumbler 300ml

Finds Unbreakable Tumbler helps people with dementia to maintain a healthy level of  hydration.  Insufficient hydration levels lead to weight loss and dehydration. Other problems include exhaustion, loss of muscle strength and greater risk for infection and illness. Additionally, the symptoms of dementia can get significantly worse when a lack of hydration causes increased confusion and difficulties with memory.

Our Dining Range Unbreakable Tumbler 300ml “the real thing” allowing users to enjoy a drink without worrying about spills and breaks. A result, our Unbreakable Mug with Feeder Lid restores dignity to those who have difficulty drinking.

Ensuring a healthy and typically high-calorie diet and fluid intake will improve the quality of life and help retain physical and mental abilities for longer.

The Find Dining Unbreakable Tumbler 300ml is manufactured from high-quality Tritan. Poles apart from the picnic style products we’ve seen before. The range is infinitely more durable than a traditional porcelain product and provides a range of benefits such as:

  • Unbreakable
  • Microwave safe.
  • Dishwasher safe – top shelf, max 60 degrees
  • Greater stability and fewer spillages due to its design
  • High clarity Tritan glassware
  • Contributes to maintaining healthy levels of hydration
  • Eliminates all risks associated with breakage
  • Retains dignity and the pleasure of using ‘proper’ drinking vessels.

For more information regarding nutrition take a look at this article from the social care institute 

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