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Vintage Conservatory Sign


 Vintage Conservatory Sign

Our signs are unique because we use sophisticated production techniques and high-quality materials to create well constructed signage that will withstand the most rigorous and demanding of environments.

Find signage is the most cost-effective, long-term solution on the market.

  • Aids wayfinding
  • Encourages Independence 
  • Helps to reduce trips and falls 
  • Reduces anxiety and stress, locate an area with ease

Find’s Vintage Conservatory Sign comes in assorted colours and sizes:

Self-Adhesive Signs – 1mm deep – Home Care, Care Homes, Events  

  • Cost-effective solution that’s suitable for flat surfaces only.
  • Quick & easy to apply with a strong adhesive to ensure a long-lasting application.

Standard Fixed Signs – 12mm thick- Care Homes 

  • Secure & hidden fixings
  • Robust, hard-wearing

Hygenus Signs – 5mm thick – Hospitals

Designed for hospitals & other buildings where infection control is the highest priority:

  • Resistant to most chemical cleaners & has anti-fungal & anti-bacterial growth properties.
  • Face-fixed providing highest security.

Please note: For care homes, local authorities, & NHS customers we would recommend our Standard or Hygenus signs instead of self-adhesive, due to their higher durability & longer life when used in busy environments. All Find signage is made to order in our factory located in Leeds.


VAT Relief Eligible – Yes

Simple changes can help a person with dementia maintain their independence.

Living with dementia can make any familiar or unfamiliar environment feel daunting, leading to distress and agitation. And so, signage is important to our everyday lives. Signs help us to interpret, understand and manage new and familiar environments. We all have a ‘cognitive map.’ A mental picture of the places that are familiar. But unfamiliar environments make us more reliant on signs to help us navigate. Clever use of signs can help those with declining cognitive abilities to make the right decisions when finding their way around. Helping to maintain their independence.

Good dementia-friendly signage:

Vintage Conservatory Sign to be fitted to the door (not the adjacent wall)

A person’s height can reduce by six inches as they age. Signs should be fitted in the line of sight at 1.3 metres above the ground

We recognise words by their shape. Each sign should have clear lettering which is easy to read and understand; a capital letter at the beginning of a word, followed by lower case

Signage should also include decent quality images to help identify the purpose of a room. This is particularly important for those people with dementia who can no longer read. It also helps those whose first language is not English or with learning difficulties. Using images rather than sketches means the pictures are clear and easily recognisable for those with sight impairment as well as memory issues

Vintage Conservatory Sign should stand out and not be surrounded by other signs and information

If can can’t find the sign you are looking for, custom designs are available on request, please contact our office  

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