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Reducing Fire Risks in Care

Understandably fire safety in the U.K. is under a great amount of scrutiny at present. As a result, we are receiving an increasing amount of questions from people – about what is safe to have in care environments and what poses a fire hazard.

Why Reducing Fire Risks in Care is Important

Christopher Kemp, from the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, helped us to answer a few of your questions about why Reducing Fire Risks in Care is important:

1. In terms of wall coverings, what is suitable and what is not suitable?

“When rating the safety of a corridor, we look at classes which measure the rate of the surface spread of flame.”

If every component of the material placed on walls carries an acceptable class rating (‘Class 0’ is the highest rating and most effective at preventing spread of fire) they are deemed safe – anything less may pose a fire risk.

So, wallpaper and murals are suitable IF they fall under an acceptable class.

Find Memory Care Murals and Door Cals meet fire standards with a ‘Class 0′ fire rating. Additionally, Find Memory Boxes carry the acceptable fire rating of ‘Class 1′.

2. Is it safe to place things on doors?

Yes, as long as the coverings (i.e. door-cals) carry a fire rating of ‘Class 0’, and do not alter or compromise the integrity of the door, they are safe.

3. Can we stick bits of paper on walls?

We’re all guilty of this, but they answer is – no.

One of the main challenges in public buildings, is the amount of paper covering the walls – which in the event of a fire, would increase the rate of the surface spread of flame.

Christopher says, “If paper is placed on walls, ideally, it should be under a fire safe display cabinet – measuring a maximum of 1 metre square. There should then be a maximum of a 2 metre square space between each display, to prevent flame from rapidly spreading.”

4. What if the bits of paper are laminated?

Many people don’t know, but this is also a big no-no! Unless of course, the laminate has a good fire rating.

Otherwise, laminated paper on walls IS a fire risk and will allow the fire to spread more quickly.

Where possible, Find make every effort to ensure our dementia-friendly products meet the highest possible standards for fire safety.

Still have questions?

Please feel free to contact us or alternatively, get in touch with your local fire service.

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