As dementia progresses, a person can find it hard to interpret, process and adapt to environmental and psychosocial stimulation. This, in turn, can cause feelings of stress, anxiety and agitation which may display as aggression.

Used in Europe since 1960, sensory stimulation has shown to be hugely beneficial by encouraging positive behaviours, achieving or maintaining a state of well-being, and helping with relaxation.

To facilitate this using an aid such as a Fiddle Muff can help bring enjoyment and fun to people living with dementia, help fight anxiety and depression while increasing social interaction.

What is a Fiddle Muff?

Fiddle Muffs are a tactile, multi-sensory product that uses a mixture of fabric and colour to make them irresistibly tactile and more interesting.  Used to keep the hands busy the Fiddle Muff can help exercise fingers, improve circulation and provide an alternative to tearing up tissues or skin picking.

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Choosing the right product

When choosing to purchase a Fiddle Muff, remember that everyone reacts differently to new things. The product purchased should suit the individual and their situation and most importantly be a choice of the recipient to participate.