Even a home in which a person has lived for many years can become a strange and confusing place for a person with dementia.

This can cause the person to feel frustrated and anxious, especially when they cannot complete everyday tasks without being reminded of what they are doing.

By introducing simple visual cues you can help reduce the need for help from others and improve confidence and independence.

Highlight key areas around the home.

Keeping essential items in plain view is always the best option but not always practicable. By labelling drawers and drawing attention to essential items everyday tasks can be made easier.

The labels should have a picture and be clear and easy to read using both upper and lower case text.

Helpful tip: – Reduce unnecessary clutter to make things easier to see.

Draw attention to important rooms.

 If every door in the house looks the same, remembering which room is which can be hard for a person with dementia. This can cause problems such as incontinence if the person cannot remember which door is the toilet. Using labels to distinguish the different rooms will help the important rooms stand out.

Finding the light switch

Light switches often blend into the wall and can be difficult to see. By highlighting the light switch with a contrasting label positioned around, the switch becomes easy to see.

Re-usable self-adhesive labels.

Finds re-usable, self-adhesive labels are perfect for the home.  Supplied in a folder, the product uses on ingenious, re-usable adhesive allowing the labels to be used and removed as required.

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