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Approaching 20 pioneering years’ experience in dementia products and environments, Find Memory Care is committed to making life easier for people living with dementia and those who care for them. Our mission is to inspire the creation of environments that enhance dementia care and provide a better quality of life for those living with dementia.

Why Find Memory Care?

Find Memory Care has designed, developed, and manufactured innovative products, creating environments bringing many benefits for residents, patients, carers, and staff that have helped to reduce anxiety, increase nutrition and hydration levels, and aid exercise and social interaction. 

Positive changes are simple to create when working with Find Memory Care, each of our team are experts in creating dementia-friendly environments and are on hand to provide you with the advice and support you require to ensure those living in your care setting, home, or building can make sense of them. 

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Find understand how confusing an environment can be for someone living with dementia and the resulting increased levels of anxiety and distress from feeling lost and reliant upon others for support.  Find’s passion is to create safe, enabling environments that make sense to people living with dementia.  The right environment promotes independence, confidence, and dignity, offering choices suitable for all residents to enable them to live meaningful lives despite their condition.

Find has also proven that enhancing the dementia-care environment can be fundamental in changing the culture of a care setting and ignite a passion in care staff to make a bigger difference to the daily lives of residents and patients.

What can creating a dementia friendly environment achieve?

Find Memory Care offers the largest range of professionally researched and developed products that are proven to contribute towards.

  • Reducing falls by up to 70%, reducing agitation and distress by up to 60%, reduction in incontinence episodes by up to 50% (statistics from DSDC).
  • Offering a choice of designated socially interactive and engaging spaces encourages residents to walk with purpose and maintain their independence
  • Creating different interactive spaces and engaging in meaningful activities results in a sense of both achievement and enjoyment
  • Improving levels of hydration and nutrition.
  • Improving sleep patterns and reducing anxiety. 
Doing nothing is no longer an option!

How does changing the environment benefit your Care facility?

Working alongside Find Memory Care provides many additional positive outcomes for Care Homes when they implement Find’s dementia-friendly environments, resulting in:

  • Cost-savings from a reduction in drug and medication use.

  • Cost-savings due to improved continence (staff time savings, laundry, incontinence products)

  • Fewer violent incidents and more patient independence resulting in improved staff morale, less absence, and better attrition.

  • Improved CQC and PLACE ratings.

  • Increased residents’ independence gives staff more time for engagement and person-centred interaction.

  • Great local PR once environments are transformed.

  • A great return on investment.

How can we help?

Our full range of products can be found by visiting our dementia Shop. Or if you would like more help and guidance to create a dementia-friendly environment please request an Environmental Visit today!

Find Memory Care, we care about care!

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