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Care Home

Find works with care homes across the country to create dementia-friendly environments and products.

Living with dementia means coping with a range of issues, however by enhancing the environment to compensate for these issues residents can ultimately live more independent and fulfilling lives.

The Research 

Find offer a full range of well researched and developed products.

Our Products are proven to contribute towards:

  • reducing falls by up to 70%,
  • reducing agitation and distress by up to 60%
  • reduce incontinence episodes by up to 50%

(statistics from DSDC).

Research has shown that 80% of distressed behaviour is caused by the environment rather than the dementia itself. So even making small changes can have a big impact.

It is so important to create the right environment for those in your care. The benefits far outweigh the initial costs.  Standing out from the crowd will not only result in better quality of care, but ultimately help keep beds full and revenue coming in.

Making your Care Home dementia friendly 

Simple changes to create a more dementia friendly care home environment can have a positive impact on a person living with dementia’s emotional well being and independence.

  1. The use of colour and contrast in your care home can be really helpful for people with dementia.
  2. Some people relate better to pictures than words. These are an excellent way of helping people with dementia to communicate and to orientate themselves.
  3. Toilets must be easy to find. Hang door signs at the right height for an older person and make them visible from as many viewpoints as possible. Seats should be of a contrasting colour to the pan
  4. Watch out for mirrors and reflections. People with dementia may not recognise there own face.

Environmental Visit

Do you want to create a dementia-friendly facility and improve your CQC and PLACE ratings?

Find Memory Care can help! Complete the form below to find out more about our environmental visits.

Care Home Environmental Visit

Did you know that Find Memory Care offer a free dementia environment audit?

Our dementia environment audit service offers advice and guidance on how to make your care home dementia friendly.

How it works

  • Our consultant will conduct a detailed dementia environmental audit of your premises to assess how the areas are used, what can be done with the space and talk to you to get a clear understanding of who will be using the rooms and for what purpose.
  • Following the audit, we will compile a comprehensive quote with visuals detailing the changes that you can make to create a positive and stimulating environment for people living with dementia.

To book a dementia environment audit for your care home simply fill out the form and a member of our team will get back to you.

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