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Dementia Products – How There Made

Dementia Products by Find

At Find Memory Care, we pride ourselves on quality and service. To ensure this most of Find’s dementia products are manufactured to order at our factory in Leeds.  

This allows:

  • stringent quality control measures.
  • a bespoke service at no extra cost.

You will find many of our products sold by suppliers across the UK, including by our strategic partner the Alzheimer’s Society.  


Finds Bespoke Service 

Find’s bespoke service ensures our dementia products are right for each environment rather than expecting a standard range to be suitable for all settings, therefore ensuring we put the person with dementia at the centre of our manufacturing process as well as with our design protocols.


The Materials We Use for our Dementia Products 

All the materials we use in the manufacturing process have been selected specifically to ensure our products:

  • are robust.
  • meet all hygiene standards.
  • are fire rated in accordance with care settings


The Design of our Dementia Products

We design our  products taking great care not to use anything unsuitable that could cause distress, harm, or issues with regulations. We are aware that on occasion this does impact on cost, however quality of life and safety are always our priority.


Products not Manufactured by Find

We do offer products, such as our Find Dining crockery range and our dementia-friendly clocks which are made in China. However, we took time to visit the factories prior to engaging them with our designs to ensure we had confidence that we had chosen the best manufacturers available and maintain good relations with these companies.

If you have any questions in relation to how are products are made, please feel free to contact us 

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