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Working with NHS Trusts, our team utilise their expertise in transforming entire rooms, wards, hallways through our bespoke environmental service. Offering a one-stop service, from design through to installation these changes for instance helps to create social areas that can relieve boredom and depression, allow interaction, increase nutrition, and improve mental wellbeing.

What we do for NHS Trusts across the UK:

Dementia Murals & Furniture

  • Find works with NHS Trusts to produce Murals designed to enhance the environment without creating false realities. The murals and furniture create defined areas where a person can spend time and enjoy activities. This helps with wellbeing and recovery. All find murals are hospital friendly with smooth, washable finish, anti-microbial additive to help prevent fungal and bacterial growth and Class O fire rated. Mural Product information

Dementia Friendly Signage

  • Find’s dementia signage has been specifically created by Find Signage to aid wayfinding and to encourage independence. Find’s Signs are durable, non-reflective and tactile that meet NHS infection control standards. We offer standard, bespoke, flag and interchangeable signs to suit any ward or corridor. Signage information 

Hospital Door Cals

  • People with dementia often get confused and are unable to differentiate doors within a corridor. Small changes such as covering doors to make them feel more familiar can make it easier for patients to find their way around a hospital ward. All Door Cals are self-adhesive, waterproof, chemical resistant, anti-scuff and hard-wearing plus Class O fire rated. Door Cal Information 

LED Mood Lighting Panels

  • The Mood Lighting Panels work well in palliative and end of life care settings where people lack mobility. They are also good to reduce anxiety in surgical settings. Panel Information 

Calendar Clocks

  • Designed specifically for hospital settings. The large and logical display makes it easy to locate, read and understand. Clock Information

Ward & Bed Boards

  • Ward and Bed Boards are a valuable tool within a hospital ward environment. Working with each NHS Trust, Find can ensure each board is the correct size colour and displays the appropriate information. Board Information


  • Good nutrition is key – especially for those that are poorly in hospital. Finds crockery range is designed to maintain dignity and increase nutritional intake whilst reducing waste. The crockery is manufactured from high quality melamine making it perfect for the hospital setting. Crockery information.

Toilet Seats and Support Aids

  • Find’s dementia aids,  provide an environment where someone with dementia can be as independent as possible. Our bathroom products are specifically designed to make the toilet  and bathing experience as simple as possible. Available in blue and red, various sizes and finishes. Toilet Aid Information 


  • We have a team of fully qualified installers that install our products anywhere across the country if required.

Free Environmental Visit - Impove PLACE Rating

Are team have worked with trusts across the country to enhance their environments, if you would like to find out how we can help. Book a no obligation visit with our dementia environmental specialist at a time to suit your needs.

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