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Dementia Mural – Café Activities

Dementia Mural – Café Activities

Dining, Café, Tearoom dementia murals are our most popular murals because they can be either be used in an existing dining room.  Or, used to create a new daytime Café.

The Dining, Café, Tearoom dementia murals create a recognisable space which is all about food and drink.

As people living with dementia often struggle to maintain focus and are easily distracted. Everything your Dining Room, Café or Tearoom should be about food and drink. So if you have pictures or artwork on the walls that relate to anything else, then these should be removed.

The Dining Room – The door to the dining room is often open and so, it is important that the room is easily identifiable from the corridor. A dementia mural offers a perfect backdrop for this. 

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A tearoom or café dementia mural is a wonderful place which has benefits for both residents and patients. Given that we all have different eating habits and not everyone wants three meals a day. Making drinks and snacks available  throughout the day will give people a choice. Again, this is not about creating a false reality but at the very least, there must be drinks available otherwise people could become agitated.

Visiting a café is not only about the food and drink. For many of us, it is a social occasion, meeting with friends for a chat and watching the world go by. If someone else is having a drink, they appear to be just another person enjoying the experience.

Case studies have proven that assessments are more successful in a café environment than in a bedroom.

Cafés are also wonderful places for activities. Knit and Natter groups are a perfect example. Bringing together likeminded people to chat about hobbies and passions over a cup of tea work really well.

Would you like and environmental visit?

Suitable for care homes and hospitals our dementia friendly environmental audit will provide you with a comprehensive insight into creating a dementia-friendly environments.

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