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Find Signage – Dementia Signs for Wayfinding and Orientation.

The correct signs can have a significant benefit for people living with dementia. They can support independence, confidence, and wellbeing.

Based on years of experience good dementia signage should:

  • Be clear, with good colour contrast.
  • Be a mix of text and images.
  • Lead people on a pathway to their destination.
  • Should not be surrounded by other signs and information.

Find Signage – Dementia Signage Principles


Due to several physical changes, all door signs should be at 1.2m – 1.4m above the ground. Flag signs are great for long distance viewing down corridors (when good use of colour is essential) but must be used in conjunction with door signs in the line of sight.


Dementia-friendly signs should have a non-reflective surface to ensure easy to read.


All signs must meet hygiene (AND Fire regulation) standards and we ensure all products are designed to comply.


A sign will be more readable using the following:

  • Primary contrasting colours – Consider incorporating yellow as it is the last colour on the spectrum that a person loses.
  • Clear, easily recognisable pictures.
  • Simple wording only.
  • Upper and Lower case rather than all capital letters.

What can you expect to achieve by using Finds Dementia Signage?

  • A reduction in agitation and distressed behaviours (as the environment is easy to navigate and recognise)
  • A reduction in slips, trips, and falls (easier to navigate to a destination and reduced agitation leads to fewer lapses in concentration and subsequent incidents)
  • A reduction in incontinence episodes (the toilets are easy to find – and use)
  • Promotion of independence (less reliance on others)
  • Promotion of confidence (more likely to engage with the environment and socially interact with other people if they can navigate familiar surroundings)
  • Promotion of independence and dignity (reducing length of stay)
  • Increased nutrition and hydration (increased activity improves appetite and reduces the risk of UTIs)

Find is the creator of the original and most widely used dementia-specific signage in the world. We have an extensive range of signs which can be found here. Alternatively if you cant find what you are looking for contact us, as we offer a bespoke service.


Download our signage guide here

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