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Dementia Murals – Post Office Activities

Dementia Mural – Post Office  activities

The Post Office dementia mural is something that everybody recognises. The Post Office, with its traditional red colour, the post box on the wall or the pillar box on the pavement and of course the sign.

At one time every city, town and village had its own Post . Times have of course changed but they are still something everyone recognises.

I remember seeing queues waiting for the doors to open on pension day. Standing in line to post parcels, Setting up saving accounts.

So many memories for so many people makes this mural a perfect addition to any communal area ultimately making it a perfect activity backdrop. 

Dementia Mural –  Post Office Activities:

Finds Post Office Dementia Mural can create a comforting feeling bringing back familiarity.

How to use:

  • Some people may take pleasure from being the shopkeeper and look after the shelves.
  • The pillar or post box are essential to complete the vision and can be used by residents to post letters and Cards.  If residents mail is posted, someone can empty the box and deliver.
  • A traditional telephone and typewriter on a desk, along with pens and paper offer an individual activity – manning the office, writing a letter or a card.
  • Group activities based on letters or artwork fit well with the Post Office theme and it is a wonderful place to reminisce about places they used to visit. 
  • Most Post Offices also have shelves stocked with a range of items. Sweets and drinks of course were often available and in a care setting can help increase nutrition and hydration.
  • The shelves can be filled with activity items that people can use.
  • As with all the shop areas, people can also make items to fill the shelves, and these can be orientated towards time of year.

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