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FREE Dementia Environment Audit

Did you know that Find Memory Care offer a free dementia environment audit?

Our dementia environment audit service offers advice and guidance on how to make your care facility dementia friendly.

Dementia Environmental Audit: How does it work?

Suitable for care homes and hospitals. Our dementia environmental audit will provide you with a comprehensive insight into how dementia-friendly your environment is.

Our consultant will conduct a detailed dementia environmental audit of your premises assessing:

  • improvements for the space
  • get a clear understanding of who will be using the rooms and for what purpose

Following the audit, we will compile a comprehensive quote with visuals detailing the changes that you can make to create a positive and stimulating environment.

What happens if you want to go ahead with our suggestions?

Once you have decided you would like to proceed the following with happen:

  • our in-house design team will produce any artwork requirements needed and send them to you for approval
  • once approved your printed material should be ready within two weeks
  • If you require installation, we can also sort this for you.  

What is the benefit of a visit?

  • Creating a dementia-friendly facility can improve your CQC and PLACE ratings.
  • Happier and engaged residents
  • You will receive detailed information about what is required, this allows you allocate budget appropriately.
  • We will talk you through why we suggest the changes and how to use anything we install. This will allow staff to get the most from the changes.
  • Our dementia environmental audits come with a no obligation guarantee.

How do I book a dementia environment audit?

To book a free visit. Fill out the form by clicking here and a member of our team will get back to you.

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