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Dementia Environment comes to Loughbrough

Creating a dementia environment in the form of a old fashioned pub at Connaught House, an Extra Care scheme in Loughborough for the over 55’s, has encouraged activities and interaction.
Find Memory Care worked hard on creating a dementia environment to encourage regular social activities. The new pub provides a social setting for residents to participate in a variety of activities such as: playing games and completing jigsaws, listening to music, reminiscing and more.

dementia environments - care home

What was the outcome of the new dementia environment

Service Support Officer, Tara Williams-Bond, said: “Each morning before we open the pub we pull apart jigsaws and place them on the tables. By the time we close in the evening residents have enjoyed a day of activities putting them together again!”

Connaught House is a Places for People Extra Care development. Find has recently worked with Stephen Miller at the Places for People scheme Manor Gardens, Bolton and opened a dementia-friendly café. Find designed the vintage café to trigger happy memories with the use of reminiscence and orientation aids. The new additions to both facilities have already proven to provide numerous benefits.

dementia murals -creating environments

Find’s murals are carefully designed to incorporate the right amount of ‘real’ attributes without causing confusion and frustration. To create an interactive reality, rather than a false one, murals should incorporate 3-dimensional, interactive elements.

For example, both Places for People Schemes have added the attainable elements of tables, chairs, a bar or counter and reminiscence dementia activities. This facilitates interaction within the scene the mural creates.
Places for People have committed to making all of their care facilities dementia-friendly within the next two years – Connaught House and Manor Gardens being their first flagship facilities.

Find has helped hundreds of care facilities achieve remarkable improvements to environments, assisting them in overcoming difficulties and improving quality of life for residents.

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