There are a lot of things that we do to make sure our business will grow. But for the team at Find, the most important things are building a relationship with their customers, by providing what is needed when it’s needed at a competitive price.

As a dementia specialist company, Find creates and supplies dementia-inclusive products to enhance the environment for dementia patients and residents in care facilities across the UK.

On occasions they are asked to provide additional items that are not dementia specific, but no matter how big or small the request Find will always find a way to meet the customers’ requirements.

An example of the above is showcased in our case study below.


Find was first contacted by Arlene Wellman at Hampshire Hospital many years ago where she led a project to enhance the hospital wards.  Working closely on the project Find designed and manufactured a range of bespoke orientation boards, signage, and bed boards that turned out to be a huge success.

Later Arlene moved to become Chief Nurse at the Epsom & St Helier Trust, where she made contact again to start an ongoing enhancement project across both sites.

Also, a member of Arlene’s team moved to North Middlesex University Hospital where she is instigating the same roll-out which incorporates bed boards, ward boards and new Governance Boards.

This project has allowed Find to showcase their versatility by aiding Michael Hope team lead with a new layout to the ward board to temporally include a green cross to monitor Covid-19 cases on each ward, something that will need recording during the winter period. When the pandemic is over, the cross can be removed, leaving the space to be utilised for other reasons in the years ahead

Karen Clayton, Dementia Specialist, Find Memory Care commented, “The quality of Find’s products is second to none, but there is no better recommendation than word of mouth as this symbolises not only quality but trust and loyalty. We are proud to work with customers with whom we have mutual respect and understanding. We are always putting the service user at the centre of everything we do.”

If you are interested in any of the boards or need a bespoke design get in touch with a member of our team