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Care Plan Box


Care Plan Box Specification
  • Box Dimensions: 400 x 400 x 120mm
  • Finish: Oak Laminate with solid brown door

Care Plan Box Lock Options

  1. Digital code lock
  2. Mechanical combination Cam-lock
  3. Key operated Cam-lock
  4. No lock


Care Plan Box

A Care Plan is a highly valuable document. When it is used correctly, it can provide a wealth of benefits to people who live with dementia. Helping both their careers, and families.

A Care Plan Box is particularly good way of storing a resident’s Care Plan in their room.  Because when a Care Plan is kept in a resident’s room, it can encourage Carers to keep any information up to date, when they are with a resident, rather than waiting until they return to the central office. A Care Plan Box encourages better use of Care Plans and ensuring the information is up to date and accurate.

Collaboration between the University of Bradford’s Dementia Group and The Royal British Legion Homes revealed a need to keep people’s Care Plan in their own room. In practice, there are issues concerning the feasibility of maintaining and consulting a Care Plan. Typically, Care Plans are kept in a central office. Which could be a considerable distance from the resident’s room. The work between the two groups concluded that storing a Care Plan in the resident’s room would help ensure that they were always up to date and accessible to consult.

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