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Day Night Clock Wood Surround


The Day and Night Clock comes in a wooden surround frame and is designed to help reduce anxiety and improve orientation for people with dementia.

An ideal product for residential care and extra care settings where not everyone has dementia, but many have a sight impairment, the Day and Night Clock has a clear 12-hour face and shows a sun or moon depending upon the time of day or night.



Day Night Clock Wood Surround

Find’s Day and Night Clock with Wooden surround has a very clear, traditional, high-contrast analogue face that is easy to read, but critically it has the addition of a sun and a moon graphic display which clearly illustrates whether it is day time or night time. Because for some people living with dementia, they can often lose the ability to recognize what time it is and whether it’s day or night.

As dementia progresses, routine and structure is more imperative to everyday life. Without time-telling skills, we quickly become disorientated, anxious and confused.

For this reason, a new kind of clock, specially designed for people with dementia.

What benefits are there to using a Day and Night Clock with Wooden Surround?

Helps to ease confusion

As dementia progresses so does a person’s memory and problem-solving abilities.

For example, being able to keep track of current times or dates becomes harder which can lead to confusion and disorientation.

A Day and Night Clock with Wood Surround can help differentiate the different parts of the day and also help with telling the time.

Increased independence

Some dementia clocks can come attached to reminder boards where important information can be displayed.

This can help to aid independence.

Provides a regular routine

A Day Night Clock with Wood Surround can help to keep routines on track and can reduce anxiety and agitation.

  • Helps maintain orientation with the time of day
  • The clear clock face is easy to read
  • Supports the personal management of a correct, daily routine
  • The Large clear face measures 250mm diameter, 310mm including wood frame
  • Battery operated (supplied with 1xAA Battery)
  • A dementia-friendly day/night clock fitted in a fire retardant MDF oak stained frame.
  • Size: 375mm diameter, clear face measures 250mm diameter.
  • Boxed dimensions: 320x320x60mm

A perfect gift for a loved one.


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Weight 1.5 kg
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