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What’s on This Week Board – TV


What’s on this Week Board has been created specifically for individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia.  A simple, drywipe, attractive and  eye-catching, 7 day activity information board for all residents to see.


• A visible agenda of activities, attractively presented
• Informs and encourages participation
• Provides notice of events and things to look forward to


We can change titles, or text free of charge. Please use our contact from if you would like more information about customisation.


What’s on this Week Board – Dementia Product

What’s on this Week Board is our latest addition to encourage meaningful activities in a care home and in particular can give a focus to the needs of male residents.

The board is ideal for a pub style setting, showing the week’s sporting TV fixtures, planned games afternoons/evenings (such as Beetle Drives, darts, dominoes, cards) and can also include reminiscence events.

What are the benefits of TV in a  Care Home?

Television allows residents to take part in public events. Care England and Sky have welcomed the recommendations of a academic paper published by the Dementia Services Development Centre, which states that television can bring multiple benefits to care home residents with dementia. The benefits of television for care home residents include:

  • Contributing to structuring residents’ daily life.
  • Providing a source of comfort and continuity, helping people adapt to new circumstances.
  • Giving older people a connection to the outside world.
  • Supporting reminiscence or meaningful activities.
  • Acting as a key socialising activity that older people can take part in.
  • Providing a form of entertainment, a core part of feeling happy and orientated.

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Benefits of a person-centred approach to events and activities in a Care home

  • Organising TV programmes and games events that are planned to support the likes and preferences of residents gives meaning and purpose to a person’s daily routine.
  • Engagement and social interaction with like-minded people brings contentment, a sense of satisfaction and enhances quality of life.
  • The stimulation from watching something enjoyable or engaging in activities that are familiar can reduce agitation and distressing behaviour.
  • A great routine can improve sleep patterns


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