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Dementia Toilet Sign


Dementia Toilet Sign

The Dementia Toilet Sign has been specifically created by Find Signage to aid wayfinding, encourage independence, and make it easy for a person with dementia to locate the toilet quickly thus reducing anxiety and stress.

Our Dementia Toilet Sign is used in care homes and hospitals across the country, to help with orientation whilst also increasing independence.

  • This sign comes with toilet symbol with bold text for easy identification and understanding.
  • Find signage is the most cost-effective, long-term solution on the market.

All our dementia toilet sign come in a variety of colours, sizes, and types.

Self-Adhesive Signs – 1mm deep – Home Care, Care Homes, Events  

  • Cost-effective solution that’s suitable for flat surfaces only.
  • Quick & easy to apply with a strong adhesive to ensure a long-lasting application.

Standard Fixed Signs – 12mm thick- Care Homes 

  • Secure & hidden fixings
  • Robust, hard-wearing

Hygenus Signs – 5mm thick – Hospitals

  • Designed for hospitals & other buildings where infection control is the highest priority.
  • Resistant to most chemical cleaners & has anti-fungal & anti-bacterial growth properties.
  • Face-fixed providing highest security.

Please note: For care homes, local authorities, & NHS customers we would recommend our Standard or Hygenus signs instead of self-adhesive, due to their higher durability & longer life when used in busy environments.

All Find signage is made to order in our factory located in Leeds.


The Dementia Toilet Sign has been specifically created by Find Signage. The sign aids wayfinding, independence, and makes it easy for a person with dementia to locate the toilet.  This intern reduces anxiety and stress.

What makes our dementia toilet sign different?

Find Signage dementia toilet signs follow the principles below:

  • Use of colour – toilet signs should be something totally different from other signs for easy recognition.
  • Correct use of font – a subject that has been researched and all our signs use the best possible font available. Also, words should be not written in capital letters as we read by shape and capital letters make rectangles that all look the same. This can cause word blindness.
  • Images – although not everyone likes the image of a toilet on the sign, there is no doubt that it works better than anything else. People living with dementia clearly state during conferences that they do not recognise male and female symbols and want to see the toilet image.
  • Antiglare materials must be used to avoid any unnecessary confusion or misinterpretation of a sign i.e., TOILET or TO LET
  • Positioning – due to several physical changes, all door signs should be at 1.3m above the ground. Flag signs are great for long distance viewing down corridors (when good use of colour is essential) but must be used in conjunction with door signs in the line of sight. Cleaning – all signs must meet hygiene (AND Fire regulation) standards and we ensure all products are designed to comply.

VAT Relief Eligible – Yes

Can’t find the sign you are looking for, custom designs are available on request please contact our office  


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