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Door Kick Plate


The bottom of a door is particularly vulnerable to accidental damage and can look unsightly very quickly. By using Kick Plates accidental damage can be prevented.

Find’s Kick Plates can be designed to either match or contrast with the door décor depending on your choice. They are particularly effective when used together with Door Cals and Finger Plates .  When matched to the same colour, they become less obtrusive.

NB: Standard Kick Plate sizes are between 700 x 900mm anything outside of these sizes will be classed as bespoke and will need to be costed accordingly


Using a Door Kick Plate can prevent accidental damage as the bottom of a door is particularly vulnerable to accidental damage. Our Door Kick Plate is ideal for use in any care facility.

At Find, we have made it our business to understand the symptoms of dementia and the challenges that can arise. By putting the person at the heart of everything we do, we have worked with many care homes and hospitals across the country to not only enhance their environments, but create bespoke signage and range of products that are making a real-difference to people’s lives.

Care homes and hospitals are often especially difficult for wayfinding, with long, non-distinctive hallways, poor signage and a multitude of different routes. This can cause anxiety, distress, and ultimately a decrease in independence and confidence for individuals living with dementia.

Ideally, wayfinding should be a main part of the design of any new care facility, but if the facility is already built, then some simple wayfinding interventions can transform the environment into a dementia-friendly space with the potential to improve quality of life, independence and the well-being of your residents and patients. Read more

Door Kick Plate Specification

  • Protect a door from physical damage
  • 2mm polycarbonate
  • Manufactured to order
  • Screw-fixing or self-adhesive (recommended)
  • Bespoke sizes are welcome by request
  • Protect any door from the damaged caused by trolleys, wheelchairs etc.
  • Prevent unsightly door bottoms.
  • Preserve the life of a door

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