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Fiddle Muff Activity Apron


The Fiddle Muff Activity Apron is an interactive sensory product that brings enjoyment and fun to people living with dementia.

The Fiddle Muff Activity Apron is a unique way to provide sensory stimulation for all stages of dementia and features a soft squeezable anti-stress ball, x6 clear, removable pockets for reminiscence pictures and x4 Tactile pockets to the front.

The Find design team created the Activity Apron as an addition to our ever-popular “Fiddle Muff” range. Suitable for male and female adult users, it is weighted sufficiently for the user to feel warm, comforted and secure when using it.

Our apron is made from a durable, yet soft denim material with a plush fur waffle design to the rear, preventing the apron from slipping and is secured with an adjustable strap.

The front incorporates a version of our best selling “Fiddle Muff” with a tactile, plush lining and a soft, squeezable, anti-stress ball designed to keep the hands warm and occupied.

There are 6 detachable clear PVC pockets which are discreetly secured behind a hook and loop corduroy flaps. These can be used to hold and display photographs or notes. Secured with 2 carabiner clips it is removable for machine washing. This gives the user a personalised product which may prompt memories and stimulate reminiscence.


Fiddle Muff Activity Apron is a tactile, multi-sensory product.

Given that as dementia progresses, a person can find it hard to interpret, process and adapt to environmental and psychosocial stimulation. This can also lead to feelings of stress, anxiety and agitation. Manifesting in displayed aggression.

Sensory stimulation has been used in Europe sign 1960. And it has been shown to be hugely beneficial by encouraging s positive behaviour, achieving or maintaining a state of well-being, and helping with relaxation.

Therefore, using an aid such as a Activity Apron can help bring enjoyment and fun to people living with dementia. Whilst helping to fight anxiety, depression it will also increase social interaction.

What is an Fiddle Muff Activity Apron

The Activity Apron  is a tactile, multi-sensory product that uses a mixture of fabric and colour to make them irresistibly tactile and more interesting.  Used to keep hands busy the Activity Apron can help exercise fingers, improve circulation and provide an alternative to tearing up tissues or skin picking.

Choosing the right product

When choosing an Activity Apron, remember that everyone reacts differently to new things.  All things considered, the product purchased should suit the individual and their situation. Moreover, and most importantly it should be a choice in which the the recipient participates.


  • Braided tassels to the edge of the “Fiddle muff”
  • Soft squeezable anti-stress ball
  • 6 clear, removable pockets for reminiscence pictures
  • 4 Tactile pockets to the front.
  • Adjustable strap to secure
  • Machine washable
  • 85% cotton and 15% polyester


  • Appeals to males and females of all ages
  • Improves circulation
  • Owners are comforted and calmer
  • Multi-sensory stimulation
  • Keeps hands occupied
  • Can contribute to reduced medication and therefore, provides a less-expensive, drug-free therapy option.

NOTE: Please assess user for suitability, Stress ball can easily detach or damage if put under stress.

VAT relief available – Yes

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