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Door Cal – Original Range

Original Range Door Cal is designed and manufactured by Find to help identify various communal rooms, such as the Hair Salon, Shop and Pub.  At Find we pride ourselves on working closely with clients to enhance environments specific to their needs.

Flat white bedroom doors all look the same and cause confusion and agitation, but as many people living with dementia are able to use colour to help with orientation selecting different coloured Door Cal, Find’s Door Cals can contribute towards a great corridor strategy, and encourage independence for those living with dementia.

Often chosen by the residents themselves, it can really help them to locate their own bedroom easily, proven to reduce stress and subsequently reduce the incidents of slips, trips and falls.

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To Increase confidence and create a more stimulating environment, an Original Door Cal can benefit people who live with dementia by improving their orientation. 

Generally, the immediate surroundings can have a significant impact on the quality of life of residents. Nevertheless, the right environment can help promote meaningful interaction and purposeful activities between the residents and the staff. Unpleasant environments can cause anxiety and stress. Understanding the residents’ beliefs and culture is an essential part to getting the environment right.


An environment that makes it difficult for a resident to orientate will limit their independence and opportunities for social interaction. By adding an Original Door Cal to a corridor and using multiple well-planned way-finding techniques, incontinence, agitation, aggression, slips, trips, and falls can all be reduced

Communal Areas

Undoubtedly, the Communal areas are the backbone in any care setting. An Original Door Cal makes it easier for people to find their way around the building. And indeed as equally important, to enable residents to an locate their own private space.


Fire rating: Class 0 – The materials used to manufacture our Door Cals carry a fire rating equivalent to the British ‘Class 0’ and complies with fire service recommendations.


  • Waterproof
  • Chemical resistant
  • Anti-Scuff Laminated, and hard-wearing
  • Self-adhesive
  • Size: 2115 x 980mm

VAT Relief Eligible – No

To help navigation further, we can also supply numbersknockers and letterboxes with a hi-tack self-adhesive backing making it simple to apply to any door without the use for tools.

Contact us for customisation. Assorted colours and sizes available

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