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Post Office Mural


Find’s Post Office Mural helps to create an interactive environment for residents and patients

Everybody recognises the Post Office, with its traditional red colour, the post box on the wall or the pillar box on the pavement and of course the sign. Every city, town and village had its own Post Office until quite recently. Times have of course changed and we rely on them far less these days, but before computers, email and social media, people sent letters and cards, paid bills by cheque and therefore the Post Office was used by everyone.

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Post Office Mural

For some, just going to the Post Office every morning can be a comforting experience and bring with it contentment for the day.

The pillar or post box are essential to complete the vision and are used by residents to post letters, cards and postcards.

Group activities based on letters or artwork fit well with the Post Office Mural.  And, it is a wonderful place to reminisce about visited places. Postcards and photographs are a perfect reminder for people. Postcards taken out of the Post Box from holiday destinations makes for great reminiscence experiences.

Most Post Offices also have shelves stocked with a range of items and the items can vary. Sweets and drinks of course were often available and in a care setting can help increase nutrition and hydration, arts and crafts items and of course a wide range of forms.  The shelves can be filled with activity items that people can take and use.

Some people may take pleasure from being the shopkeeper and look after the shelves.


  • Smooth, washable finish
  • Anti-microbial additive helps prevent fungal and bacterial growth.
  • Fire rated
  • Each drop is 533mm
  • Fits wall height between 2250 and2400mm

Eligible for vat relief – No


Find’s murals a powerful and effective way to enhance the environment when used to set a scene and have a real interactive element to them.

3D Interactive furniture

To complement the murals we recommend adding related products such as Find’s Post Box and Pillar Box so the mural is setting the scene for a real, interactive experience.



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