Unbreakable Beer Glass 25oz


As dementia progresses holding heavy breakable glassware can become a problem, but that should not mean you have to transfer your favourite drink into a “plastic beaker. “

Find ‘s Unbreakable Beer Glass 25oz is made from a high-clarity, indestructible, dishwasher safe material called Triton.

The clarity of the glass ensures the user can see the contents and the unbreakable material is safe in the event of a mishap, so there won’t be any dangerous pieces of glass to clean up.

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Unbreakable Beer Glass 25oz


Contributes to maintaining healthy levels of hydration

Eliminates all risks associated with breakage

Retains dignity and the pleasure of using ‘proper’ drinking vessels

Microwave safe.

Dishwasher safe – top shelf, max 60 degrees

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