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Unbreakable Dinner Plate


Unbreakable Dinner Plate

Find’s Unbreakable Dinner Plate helps increase mealtime independence in people with dementia. It is lightweight and shatterproof. The design has a broad base for greater stability and a lipped rim to reduce spillage. Perfect for any care or home setting.

  • Part of our Unbreakable Dining Range
  • 10” Dinner Plate
  • Hard-wearing & long-lasting melamine
  • Dishwasher safe (top shelf up to 60 degrees)
  • Insulating material, food stays warmer for longer.
  • Comes in Blue, Yellow and Ivory to ensure food stands out.
  • Broad base & rim provides stability.
  • Ideal for a care home or hospital setting
  • Size: W 25.5cm (including 3.5cm wide rim), H 2.5cm





Why Use Our Unbreakable Dinner Plate

Everyone needs a healthy level of nutrition and hydration but for people who live with dementia it is vital.  Because insufficient nutrition and hydration levels lead to weight loss and dehydration. Other problems include exhaustion, loss of muscle strength and greater risk for infection and illness. Additionally, the symptoms of dementia can get significantly worse when a lack of nutrients causes increased confusion and difficulties with memory. For this reason Find developed the Unbreakable Dining Plate to encourage food intake and independence.

Challenges For People With Dementia

One of the main challenges people with dementia face is issues with eating and drinking. Because as dementia progresses and co-ordination declines it can be a struggle to get a person with dementia to get enough food and fluids.

The Dining Plate’ s colour has also been specifically designed after years of research by ourselves to stimulate interest in food (If the food is too close to the colour palette of the plate, someone with dementia may struggle to distinguish the contrast between the two and not realise there is food to be eaten) which in turn increases nutritional intake and reduces waste.

Restoring Dignity With Our Unbreakable Dinner Plate

Our Find Dining Dinner Plate resembles “the real thing” allowing users to enjoy a meal without worrying about spills and breaks. A result, our Find Dining Dinner Plate restores dignity to those who have difficulty eating.


For more information regarding nutrition take a look at this article from the social care institute 

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