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Unbreakable Mug Lid


Unbreakable Mug Lid

Designed with dignity in mind, the unbreakable lid has been designed to help with fluid intake. Dehydration is extremely common and potentially harmful, in individuals with dementia, having a bright coloured mug with a lid can help people with dementia to drink more.

  • Lid comes with a hole to sip through to prevent spillage
  • Dishwasher safe – top shelf, max 60 degrees
  • Paired with Mug with Large Handle it’s the most dignified feeder cup on the market




Find’s Unbreakable Mug Lid

Our Unbreakable Mug Lid is the result of 4 years of research into providing independent dining for people with dementia

Everyone needs a healthy level of nutrition and hydration but for people who live with dementia it is vital. Ensuring fluid intake will improve the quality of life and help retain physical and mental abilities for longer.


  • Increased intake of fluid
  • Less spillage
  • Promotes independence
  • Find’s Mug Lid is designed to be used with our Mug

Spare lid seals are also available to buy

For more information regarding nutrition take a look at this article from the social care institute 

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