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Magnetic Patient Bed Board

Find’s Patient bed boards are an important tool within a hospital ward environment, adding visibility to the unit.

The boards allow for immediate access to patient information, saving time, money and helping you run a productive ward.

Find’s Patient Boards are a bespoke product, made to size and can be printed to suit each Trust



Ward and bed boards have been designed to encompass everything that is needed at the bedside in a hospital environment. The boards have been shown to improve the patients’ experience.

Ward and Bed Boards are a valuable tool within a hospital ward environment. Each patient requires a bed board to display valuable information about their care. Each board should be a bespoke design to suit the patient’s needs, but also to be staff friendly as they require updating regularly.

The hospital setting can be disorienting at the best of time but when someone has dementia this can be magnified tenfold. According to more than 850,000 people in the UK have dementia. One in fourteen people over the age of sixty-five have dementia, and the condition affects 1 in 6 people over eighty, with the number of people increasing due to longer life spans


  • Laminated with a glossy, drywipe finish
  • Laminate edges wrapped around the reverse to seal edges and prevent them from being picked
  • The rear of the board is laminated to create a fully sealed product
  • Boards to be front fixed
  • The whole of the face will be both drywipe and magnetic

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