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Window Cal – Triple Design


Window Cal – Triple Design helps turn a plain wall into an interesting focal point.

Using fire-rated, self-adhesive photographs with a tough, washable finish, we have created a small collection of images that are easy to place onto a wall, instantly adding a real feature that you would expect to find in any street setting

Window-Cal can be even more effective with the addition of window boxes, plants and shutters for example. This creates an interesting attractive, feature and an interactive focal point.


Window Cal -Triple Design enhances the environment.

There are multiple reasons why a Window Cal -Triple Design can benefit residents. Because an appropriately positioned Window Cal offers residents a choice about where to go and what to do. They can also encourage social interaction and engagement in their surroundings. Leading to increased levels of exercise, and healthier levels of nutrition and hydration

Care homes and hospitals are often especially difficult for wayfinding, with long, non-distinctive hallways, and a multitude of different routes. This can cause anxiety, distress, above all ultimately a decrease in independence and confidence. Despite this, wayfinding should be a main part of the design of any care facility. Window Cals can transform the environment into a dementia-friendly space with the potential to improve quality of life, independence and the well-being of your residents or patients.

In conclusion, enhancing environments with a Window Cal ensures accessibility and comfort for all making a significant difference to the mental and physical wellbeing to the people living in that space. It helps a person to maintain their independence and to locate a particular area quickly and easily.


  • Class 0 or equivalent fire rating on all components
  • Self-adhesive and easy to apply
  • 1000mm high x 1100mm wide

Choice of designs


  • Better orientation
  • More engagement with the environment
  • Improved way-finding

VAT Relief Eligible – No

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