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Dementia Friendly Door Cal’s, Choosing the Right One

Dementia friendly Door Cal’s aid navigation and reduce anxiety in dementia care environments. Even those of us without cognitive impairment can get lost and confused when each hallway looks the same and each bedroom door (and all the other doors) leading off it looks the same.

So, what’s the solution? by using dementia friendly Door Cal’s each door or area can be made to look unique and creates an easily recognizable entrance.

What are Dementia Friendly Door Cal’s?

Dementia friendly Door Cal’s are large vinyl stickers, suitable for application on flat doors.  The dementia Door Cal covers the entire door preventing wear and tear and provides a unique entrance.

What are the benefits of using dementia friendly Door Cal’s?

With such a simple addition to your care facility, several positive outcomes will be achieved such as:

  • Door Cal’s transform a plain internal door into a distinctive entrance helping anyone having difficulty in confidently recognising their own door or that of their appointment.
  • They help reduce or prevent incidences of people entering the wrong room in error.
  • Door Cal’s offer a low cost, fast-turnaround way to introduce differentiation into a corridor where all doors previously looked the same.

What to consider when buying Dementia friendly Door Cal’s

With so much choice, it might be helpful to consider:

  • Size — Check your Door Cal’s fit a standard size door.
  • Material — Choose a door wrap that is durable, waterproof, chemical resistant and is anti-scuff.
  • Fire Rating — Ensure the door wrap you choose complies with your healthcare settings fire regulations. Find use 0 fire rated vinyl and apply a 0-fire rated laminate for additional durability

What types of dementia friendly Door Cal’s are there?

There is a wide range of door wraps to choose from. It’s important to consider your setting, the needs of individuals in your care. The team at Find Memory Care has worked with care homes and hospitals across the UK to create designs that help reduce anxiety and confusion. 

Adding a dementia friendly Door Cal is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to reduce anxiety and disorientation.

Traditional Door Cals

door cals

The traditional Door Cal range designed to help identify various communal rooms, such as the Hair Salon, Shop and Pub and Bedrooms

Vintage Door Cals

Dementia Friendly Door Cal’s- care homes

Our Vintage range of Door Cal designed to help identify various rooms.

Hospital Door Cals

dementia friendly door cals

Hospital door cal’s specifically designed for use in the hospital environment.

Exit Door Vinyl

dementia exit doors

A fire door is often seen as an escape route!  Finds light enabling dementia door vinyl is designed showing shrubbery, flowers and railings to act as a deterrent to the resident trying to open the emergency exit and setting off disorientating alarms, causing stressful situations that require de-escalation.

Bespoke Door Cals

We also do bespoke door cal’s for communal rooms such as the Hair Salon and Pub, if you would like to find out more about these please contact us

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