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Lockable Mobile Counter

Involving residents in activities has never been easier with Find’s Lockable Mobile Counter. Designed specifically to encourage interaction with those less mobile, the unit can be wheeled to residents/patients with the designated activity/theme for the day.

The Lockable Mobile Counter has been used by some of our customers as a hairdresser trolley, in a café setting and as a REM Trolley.

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The Lockable Mobile Counter adds interest and interaction to any care setting

As the immediate surroundings can significantly impact on residents’ quality of life. The right environment can help to promote meaningful interaction and purposeful activities between residents and staff. In contrast, an unpleasant environment can cause anxiety and stress. Understanding the residents’ beliefs and culture is an essential part to getting the environment right.

When space is at a premium the Lockable Mobile Counter is perfect, and versatile enough to be used in different areas of the building.

Living with dementia means coping with a range of issues which Find understand. We constantly strive to develop new and innovative interactive dementia furniture.

The physical environment can play a key role in the treatment of people with dementia. By helping care facilities make to make a simple change such as a Lockable Mobile Counter that brings a stimulating environment to the residents, Find have found that they are happier, less bored, and more likely to interact with other people.

Find’s Lockable Mobile Counter and Murals, we have proven that providing meaningful destination points such as cafes and shops can result in reduced anxiety, increased levels of nutrition and hydration, higher levels of exercise and improved social interaction.

  • Available in different colours
  • Size:  880(w)x1015(h)x580(d)mm
  • Lockable cabinet
  • Comes with castors to make moving the bar easy
  • Supports interaction
  • Reduces agitation
  • Creates interest

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