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Find Signage – Medical Centres

Susan Gilbert, Practice Nurse at Tieve Tara Medical Centre in Castleford, proudly stands with her Find signage dementia-friendly sign.

Find Signage – Medical Centres

Tieve Tara is part of the NHS Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which plans and pays for local health services in the Wakefield and Five Towns district.

Find Signage – Medical Centres – Why is it important?

By installing appropriate signage, in clearly visible places, many serious issues can be alleviated or prevented.

Medical centres can be big, intimidating places – which cause people to become anxious and stressed if they are unable to find their way around. Adding reliable, reassuring, visual orientation aids to the environment is a long-term solution that Tieve Tara know is a good investment for their visitors.
Susan Gilbert says: “The signage is making a positive difference to the environment, enabling people to locate the toilet quickly and find the consultation rooms with ease.”

In addition to Tieve Tara, Find has been working with other medical centres and churches in the area – helping them to implement improvements that make them more accessible and easier to use.

Find signage created the world‘s first and most popular dementia-specific signage. Over the past decade, our product range has developed significantly to cover way-finding, reminiscence themes and orientation aids with further exclusive designs including dementia-friendly crockery, clocks, bathroom accessories, activities and more.

Creating dementia-friendly environments

We understand it can be difficult to know where to start and how to implement environmental changes for the maximum benefit of all involved in the process. That is why we offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION ENVIRONMENTAL VISIT which will provide you with all the recommendations you need.

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