Signs are a wayfinding aid and when designed and used correctly, will enable a person to maintain their independence and to locate a particular room quickly and easily.

This brings with it a range of benefits including a reduction in:

  • slips, trips and falls
  • agitation and anxiety levels
  • incontinence episodes

Find is the creator of the original and most widely used dementia-specific signage in the world. Using the latest thinking on communication, Find provides clear dementia-friendly signage for care facilities across the UK to help reduce confusion and aid daily orientation for people living with dementia.


Find’s dementia signs have proven to work as they incorporate all relevant features:

  • Clear lettering that is easy to read and understand (a capital letter at the beginning of the word and then lower case – we recognise words by their shape).
  • Quality images to help identify the purpose of a room (particularly important for those people with dementia who can no longer read, as well as those where English is not their first language, those with learning difficulties and children. We use images rather than sketches to make the pictures clear and easily recognisable for those with sight impairment as well as memory issues)

  • Correct use of colour (colour works exceptionally well for many people living with dementia and is a brilliant orientation cue. Keep it simple, for example, use one prominent colour to highlight toilets and do not use this for any other sign. In the same way, directional signage should be in one standard colour too. The toilet seat on the toilet sign should ideally be the same colour as the one in use)

dementia bathroom

The Benefits of Find’s dementia signage

  • Aids orientation for those with dementia, reducing stress and anxiety
  • Supports independence, confidence and wellbeing
  • Meets all required standards for hygiene

A full range of find signage can be found here.